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Good News and Bad News

    I decided to start a news page!


 Lariat - Bead Style Magazine -  "Your Perfect Look" edition 2004
   Triple Bead Bobble Necklace - Creative Jewelry Magazine - Volume 6
   Triangle Dangle Necklace - Creative Jewelry Magazine - Volume
   Twist 2 Necklaces - Bead Style Magazine 2008
   Twist 2 Necklaces - 2009 Bead Style Calendar "January"
   Snake Bracelet- Step by Step Magazine - January 2009 issue  FRONT COVER!
   7 Designs in Creative Jewelry July 2009 Issue
   Fiesta Bracelet -   101 Bracelets, Necklaces & Earrings Magazine July 2010
   3 Designs in Creative Jewelry- 10th Anniversary Edition- March 2011 Issue
   Colored Ceramic Ring Necklace - Stringing Magazine - Summer 2011
   Snake Knot Bracelet - Creative Jewelry 2011
    Fiesta Bracelet and Snake Knot- E Book Jewelry Stringing July 2012
    Pearl and Cheerio Necklace - September 2012 Anniversary Edition of Bead Style
    Twist 2 Necklaces - Multistrand Jewelry April 2013
   Thingamabob Bracelet and double braided bracelet- Stringing Mag-Summer 2014

   Bad News - THERE IS NONE!  I hate to be the bearer of bad news!