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Metal Beads


Here are some general ideas for jewelry making with leather and these ceramic beads.  Change the colors, adjust the design- they are here to help stimulate your creativity!    Many of these designs are earthy colors - I tend to gravitate toward brighter colors however most people can get a better visual of design with the earth tones.  


                                                                - -

the fish is a magnet clasp!

"spots" were used to hole leather into place


These 2 components are under the 10mm flat leather section

used 2mm leather and 8mm round magnet.  There are 6 ladders (under pendant section)

small discs

regular braid. I used 1.5mm and 1mm for the center bead.
tip for these braids- the center bead shouldn't fit too loosely on the cord.

I used 2mm leather
and 20 g wire for the center.

all 2mm leather and big metalized ceramic beads
used left over leather from the first picture.  the small metal beads are the medium nuggets under beads

3mm leather on the outside and 1.5mm for the wrapping

just having fun with a few square washers

5mm braid.
I used a swarovski "spot"

Stone Beads
6x4 rondelles
6mm crimp covers
2mm Leather
10mm flat clasp

10mm Rubber Flat Cord

Large Nuggets, 4x2 Rondelles, 1mm leather
4mm clasp.  Next one I'll try with 1.5mm leather

I used spots on each side of cab.  I used the medium crimp covers on the ends of the 2mm leather

If I make another one - I'll put the dangles closer together

2mm cord, ceramic beads and "spots"

30mm hammered Ring, 2mm leather, 10mm flat leather clasp

Tiger Eye Cab, 20mm flat clasp. 

1.5mm leather

3mm leather, large silver nuggets and 1.5mm leather.  6mm clasp

4mm braided leather
16mm ceramic bead


this started as a wrap, but seemed loose, so I cut the back and added a clasp!

don't waste those leather scraps!

the outer bead on each side is a "leather spot" I just fold over the bottom prongs and they hold all beads in place!

3mm leather and the little beads on the sides are called "spots"  they have prongs and I squeezed them around the leather

buy the beads

Large Disc
4.5mm leather (some colors hard to fit in the hole)

Large Disc
3mm leather

Large Disc
5mm flat leather

Large Disc
5mm flat leather

small disc and 5mm flat bead

Large disc
metal beads
4mm braided leather

3mm leather, 3mm magnet
green patina beads, silver beads and rubber rings

5mm flat, 2mm leather and resin 10mm slides

the 2 outer pieces are 2mm leather, I used 1.5mm leather to string the pearls on (fits into the clasp better!)

stainless steel slides and 3mm leather

10X6 Leather

Simple 10X6 Leather & Clasp

4.5mm leather w/Macrame

wire wrapped discs 4.5mm leather

small thingamabob,
1.5mm leather

2mm cord w/a coiled knot

1.5mm cord with an
overhand knot

same bracelet but with Marcia Moore's dichroic cab for only $2

Note: you may need 6mm rubber rings to hold beads in place- especially if using black!

4 strands of 2mm cord (on each side),
medium push clasp

5mm braided cord,
used 10mm rubber rings for stoppers

4.5mm leather   glued the beads in place

5 strands of 2mm leather

3 strands of 1.5mm. made it long enough for a double wrap- Fun!

6 strands of 2mm cord, 6mm clasp

2mm leather, Pearls, Rectangle, 5mm clasp


7 strands 2mm leather
6mm magnet
1 large rectangle


9 strand braid with 2mm leather.  Easy!

3 strands of 2mm leather wrapped opposite on the lg rectangle


4 strand braid with pearls

5 strands, flat magnet and stone beads

5 strands and some silver ceramic beads then wrap wire around

Stretch Bracelet,
short silver ceramic tube

flat leather and disc wrap

Flat leather wraps around wrist 2 times

macrame on the 4.5mm leather.  magnet clasp (use 3 1/2 to 4 yards of linen, I used only 3 and my bracelet is too small!)

multi strand.  I actually used glue to hold the outer beads in place

 I had a bag of misc beads.  I did a macrame knot between each section

2 Oval Stones,
2mm Leather, 4mm Magnet, 20g wire


Knock Off Shamballa
Look Closely!


wire wrap and flat leather

4 Strand snake knot with Cheerio

2 strand snake knot with
15mm Textured Silver Ceramic 

Stretch Bracelet with Oval Stone Beads

5 strands of leather. use crimp covers every so often so the loops don't all fall to the center!

6 rings and 9 strands of 1.5 leather.  This looks fabulous with 6 strands of 2mm leather too!