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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Wholesale Tax Exempt Certificates-  Bring several to the show!          

   Having trouble checking out?  Try a different browser or sometimes people don't see the
   scroll bar on the right side of the little box where it shows the order.  Worse case, email me
   or cut and paste your cart into an email.  Or call me!

When will I receive my order?
?? Orders are generally shipped within a day if we receive the order by noon.  If we are at a bead show, the order might be delayed a few days and I apologize for that.

What type of payment do you accept?  The shopping cart uses paypal, however, you do not need a paypal account to use it.  Just click "no paypal account" and you can then enter your credit card.

Can I pay by check?  We will take written orders and checks via snail mail.  Be sure your item description is as clear as possible.  Your order will be shipped once the check clears.

       * Please write your phone number on the order in case we have any questions. 

Can I order a product that is not posted on your Web site?  If you have a special request, please send us an e-mail at clevertreasures@gmail.com. We can check to see if the item in question is available. We can also special-order the item for you.

Do you ship internationally?  NO.  Until I get up to speed on the customs & duties fees, I cannot ship.

What is the shipping?  First Class Priority Mail - $5.25 flat charge.  If there is a larger package, we may send UPS.  If you need it real soon call me. If you supply the wrong address, there will be additional charges to reship the package.

What is your return policy?  NEW RULES:  Exchanges and Replacements only.  (I took a survey on other small businesses, and that's what they do, so that's what I'm do too!)  Makes sense to me!  I really don't get returns anyway :)

Backorders?  No backorders- well, technically, if I know something is coming in - I will backorder it for a
few days. 

How do I finish off elastic cord.  Fire the very ends to prevent fraying (take a lighter or match to the ends for a literally a second, it'll melt the cord). 

I can usually adapt any leather bracelet and make it on elastic - saves time buckling up a clasp and saves money on the actual clasp!!

To make a power bracelet- string your desired beads, you will need one bead that fits 2 strands at the one end.  Take the other end of the strand and string it thru this bead and pull both stands (that bead should not be centered)  Take another bead (I usually use a metal oblong shape) and string both of the strands thru that one and then finish with a knot or two.  Fire the ends!

I always tie knots holding both strands in one hand, that way your strands are always pointing the same way.

Average Necklace and Bracelet Lengths



High Neck













20 24




28 32




40 45




48 - +




6 8


9 11


9 10


11 14




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