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March 2016


many new clasps -
check them out

Geometrical Pendant
2 Styles

Feb 18

23mm Wavy Disc
(about size of a quarter)
3 colors
Feb 18

20mm Square

Feb 18

Anchor Charm
green patina

Feb 18

Textured Charm
2 sizes
Feb 18

23m Textured Charm

Feb 18

27x43 Connector

Feb 18

 10x6 magnets
Feb 2016


New Cabs and Cab Settings
Feb 2016

10mm Magnet for Round Cord
Feb 2016

Native Style 10mm Flat Clasp
Feb 2016

Stone Cabs
Feb 2016

Colored Pewter Beads
Feb 2016

Spots for Leather -
They hold everything in place!
Feb 2016

Boho Style-
Finally getting it on the web!
Feb 2016